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  无论在学习、工作或是生活中,大家或多或少都会接触过作文吧,根据写作命题的特点,作文可以分为命题作文和非命题作文。你知道作文怎样才能写的好吗?下面是小编精心整理的my family rules英语作文带翻译,欢迎大家借鉴与参考,希望对大家有所帮助。

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  Dan and house rules can have a lot, and my familys house rules has eleven words, that is: working carefully and attentively, diligently, dont give up.

  Why do you want to order the house rules? Also from when I was little. When I was a child, because they dont understand, so it is easy to attract other things. On one occasion, my mother and I and my sister go to my grandmas, grandmother home has a lot of fun. I entered, he saw a box of beautiful building, then rushed to the play. I ah, just take half of the time, I saw my sister was playing with a ball, the ball bounce, I just love the. So I immediately put down his block and also played the ball. Playing me, however, saw the cousin, the beautiful leaves stickers, I am very curious. So I threw the ball again, brought together a large, the leaves start to do the leaves stickers. But it wasnt long before, and I give up, because I stick to is so bad. Later, I dont want to play anything, sit on the ground.

  At this moment, mom came and saw the mess leaves stickers, the ball rolled into the corner, and take the half of the block, just ask me: "how do you didnt do a thing? You see sister shoot the ball, has created a minute 200 new records! See cousin leaves stickers, do much more beautiful! And you?" I weakly said: "I have done a lot of, but how do bad?" Mother said with a smile: "which have you so not concentrate, can do a good job is strange? Do things carefully and attentively, diligently, dont give up, so you can do!"

  In the later days, I do as mom said, doing things is no longer as before half-hearted. This sentence slowly became my familys house rules.





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  My grandfather has a good quality, that is, he does not say sorry when he does something wrong, but will express his love with warm actions. You must be wondering, how did I know? Let me tell you slowly.


  My grandfather is a knife mouth tofu heart. Every time I go to his house, I run around the room without shoes. My grandfather always scolds me when he sees me. I'm so scared that I can't look at him directly. I thought my grandfather certainly didn't like me, but he gave me an extra drumstick at dinner. When he gave me chicken legs, my heart warmed up at once. I also knew that I would catch cold if I ran around without shoes. My grandfather was worried about me. So when I came home to leave him, I said to him, "I will wear shoes next time." Grandpa touched my head and smiled kindly.


  After this incident, I found that my character is the same as his - knife mouth tofu heart. Last time, I quarreled with my mother. After the quarrel, I thought I said something wrong, but I was embarrassed to apologize. I cooked a bowl of noodles for her and asked her if she wanted to eat them. She said yes, and I brought them to her. My mother said that the noodles I made were delicious and delicious. She smiled, and so did I.


  I feel that my grandpa and I have a good face. Neither of us will immediately apologize to the other party when we realize our mistakes after a quarrel. However, we fight without revenge, and we love our family with our actions. From my grandfather to me, this should be our family style, right?! I will pass on this family story to my children and grandchildren.

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  I have a happy and warm family, with grandpa, grandma, father, mother, sister and me. We live a harmonious and happy life together.


  At ordinary times, my mother takes care of me the most. My mother is basically responsible for my life and study. My mother often taught me to be strict with myself and be polite to others. She often asks me to be conscientious and diligent in my studies. Be a polite person in life. Whether you are a guest at home or an acquaintance on the way, you should take the initiative to greet them. My mother is not a teacher, but she is better than a teacher. She has always been strict with me. She should study hard, make progress every day, help others, and do her own thing... My mother does this because she wants me to be an excellent person. Although sometimes I feel that my mother is too strict with me, I think my mother is for my good, so I am obedient.


  Dad's job is to earn money, which is what he often says. Every time my sister and I annoy my mother, my mother says that my father doesn't care about children, and my father says that his task is to earn money, and my mother's task is to take care of children. Every time I hear my father say this, I wonder why my father doesn't care about me and my sister? Dad has a good temper. If he takes care of us, maybe I won't have to be beaten and scolded.


  Grandparents can be said to be my protectors. Every time I make a mistake and my mother is mad at me, my grandparents protect me.


  My family lives together and is really happy. I like my big family very much. This is my family style story.

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  If the home is a grassland, the family style is the rain that moistens the seedlings. If the home is a garden, the family style is like the breeze with small flowers. If the home is a sky, the family style is the cloud that embellishes the blue sky. My mother has the virtues of filial piety and honesty. I have the same good quality under her influence


  When I was 3 years old, my grandmother fell ill and could not take care of herself. My father earned money outside. My mother had to take care of my grandmother and our three sisters alone. But she didn't complain at all. When eating every day, my mother must first serve my grandmother's food and feed her first. Mother taught us: "There are elders in the family. The elders don't use chopsticks. The younger generation can't eat first. Respecting the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.".


  Because my grandmother has been in bed for a long time, my mother will not only feed her grandmother, but also wipe her body every day. Whenever I see this situation, I can't help but act as my mother's little assistant, helping her and beating her back. Sometimes, I also learn from my mother to take care of my grandmother, and sometimes chat with her. As long as she is happy, we are naturally happy as younger generation. Under the influence of good family style, I am growing up healthily. Because I am deeply branded with family style, filial piety, honesty and trustworthiness


  I learned from my mother the virtues of filial piety, honesty and trustworthiness. These good family customs will accompany my healthy growth.

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  As for the cultivation of talents, beauties and ladies in five thousand years of China, there is a common term "family style". Good talents originate from good family style. Let me discuss it.


  Every family has its own style, atmosphere and discipline. As the leader of the three families, the family style changes naturally.


  My family style is divided into three points: quiet, democracy and justice.


  The first is quiet. In my academic career, as long as I am at home, there will be no big changes. This is a strict regulation of my mother. Even my father has to go to the balcony to answer the phone. We all think that making a scene is bad for our minds.


  The second is democracy. As long as one person makes a mistake, he will be criticized by democracy, which is the premise of a harmonious family.


  The third is justice. Justice does not favor anyone. If it is wrong, it is wrong. What can be argued?


  Although some people will not believe these family customs when they are only written on this paper, in fact, we are doing so and correcting them.


  Generally speaking, family style comes from practice. The family style of writing is good enough, but the real family style is not as good as writing a few lines.


  Family style means behavior. Whether it is Zheng Tao's "being honest and reasonable, and being fair" or anything, as long as it is a family discipline, it has a good meaning. I will be grateful all my life for growing up under my family style.

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  I believe that every family has its own style and characteristics. Our family has a very interesting family style.


  Our family, like a small country, has a "Constitution", which is divided into three articles: first, everyone should undertake housework; Secondly, in the event of a major event, a collective vote shall not be made without authorization; Again, you are not allowed to watch others' privacy. In addition to these three sacred and inviolable "constitutions", our family also has several provisions: First, complete their respective tasks before playing; Secondly, it is not allowed to evade responsibility. Is it like the national law? Although it is not so detailed, it is enough for our family of four.


  As for my father, he is a warm man. His attitude towards me is: as long as he is not idle, he can do anything, which makes me lively and optimistic. But it's hard to say when it comes to my mother. For example, her mantra is: hurry to learn, 3, 2, 1... This strict feature makes me have a character - eccentric. Sometimes, she will play a "surprise operation" for me to check whether I have studied seriously, which makes me become alert. Because my control ability is really poor, I always like to read in a daze. The biggest feature of my little brother Pipi is his slow reaction. There's no way. Who told people to spend two years! However, his loveliness still made me patiently teach him how to speak, and gradually became patient with everything.


  My character is shaped by my father's tolerance, my mother's sternness and my brother's loveliness. Yes, this is our family style --- mutual supervision, learning from each other's strengths and helping each other.

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  Educating children is the key to the prosperity of a family. My family also attaches great importance to my study. As my mother worked in a foreign country, my study and guidance fell to my father, who was very strict with me, so I was also afraid of my father. I remember one time, my test results were good, and I proudly showed my father the test paper when I came home. Dad looked at it with a straight face, pointed to a red cross on the test paper and said: How could such a simple question make mistakes? I thought Dad would look at my score, but I didn't expect him to pay attention to these details. He asked me to sit down and then told me the wrong ideas and answers. With his help, I finally understood the solution to the wrong problem. When I recite the text, I will be lazy and always want to get by, but my father checks it carefully and can't make a mistake, so I don't dare to play smart anymore.


  My father often paid attention to my study and often taught me that if I want to have a prosperous family, I must pay attention to education. He also said that my grandfather often said so about him when he was young. As a result, I learned that without education, my family could not thrive. Later, I often asked my father some questions about learning, and I often accepted his criticism and guidance. In addition, my mother often cares about my situation, gives me some good advice and guidance, and buys me a lot of extracurricular books, telling me to read more extracurricular books, which is very helpful for writing. In such an educational family, I keep working hard.


  My family style is the navigation mark for my growth. It helps me understand many truths and constantly pushes me to the path of success.

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  Families are nurseries and children are seedlings. Home wind is like raindrops. It sneaks into the night with the wind, warm and quiet. Only with the moisture of rain and dew can young seedlings grow healthily. Such rain and dew - honest and trustworthy, always warm me and accompany me to grow.


  I still remember that sunny afternoon when my friends and I made an appointment to go to the library to read at four o'clock. Just as I was about to go out, suddenly, there was a strong wind and dark clouds outside. It began to rain cats and dogs in an instant. Looking out of the window, I began to feel difficult. Two fairies appeared in my mind. One said: Since you have made an appointment with your friends, you can't go back. You must go. Another elf said: Don't go. It's raining so hard outside that your friends may not go. At this time, my father saw that I was indecisive, so he came to me and said, "You should be honest and trustworthy. In the Yuan Dynasty, there was a saying:" If you promise something, you will pay for it. If you make an appointment, it is not easy. ". It means that nothing can be left to promise others; I have an appointment with someone, and I can't change it for a minute. Go to the library with your father.


  Facing the storm, my father and I were drenched, but when we saw our friends standing in front of the library as promised, my heart suddenly warmed a lot. My friends and I were swimming in the paradise of books. When I looked up again, the sky was clear outside the window. I praised myself and my friends for keeping their promises.


  Honesty and trustworthiness is to let us start from every bit of life. Such family style needs to be practiced by every family member and passed on from generation to generation.

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  We grew up in China. The traditional virtues of our Chinese nation include filial piety, thrift and diligence, which are all fine traditions handed down from ancient times!


  No rules, no rules, no rules. Every family must have its own rules, customs, and instructions. So does our family! In my home, I can hear my mother's words almost every day: to save water and electricity, water is a limited resource! I listen to it every time, but I ignore it every time.


  But this year I have a deep feeling: in Xinmi, we are especially short of water this year. Almost ten and a half days, the city will have to stop drinking water for the longest time. This has brought many inconveniences to our daily life: a bad sweat and a bath are not enough; Go to the bathroom and flush the toilet without water; There is no water for cooking, washing dishes and washing clothes; I can't help complaining about why the water is always cut off. It's really annoying! Then my mother said to me that now you know why I want you to save water, right? How precious water is! Recall that I can't drink so much water at ordinary times, but I always fill the cup and pour it out if I can't finish it; When washing your face, always turn on the tap and play for a while before washing your face; When taking a bath, the shower head is open from beginning to end, and it flows all over the place, which makes me ashamed!


  I deeply know the value of water! I would like to appeal to everyone not to waste water, to protect water resources, and start from their own: save water! I want to turn this traditional virtue into our family style, rules and instructions!

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  The ancients said: Loyalty has been handed down to the family for a long time, and poetry and books have continued to grow from generation to generation.


  If a family is kind and benevolent, it can inherit more than ten generations.


  Fan Zhongyan's family is the best example.


  Fan Zhongyan was an important official of the Northern Song Dynasty. When he was there, he helped students, reduced corvee, and did good deeds to benefit the world. Others wanted to use a geomantic treasure land as their residence. After he refused, he built the place into a academy. He said: I hope everyone can enjoy this good geomantic omen. The land annexation in the Northern Song Dynasty was serious. Many powerful families had thousands of acres of land, but the common people had no land and were displaced. Fan Zhongyan resolutely set up a righteous field and took thousands of acres of land as a public welfare field to protect them from hunger and cold. Later, because of the war, Yitian was destroyed, but his descendants resolutely shouldered the responsibility for the restoration of Yitian. They were destroyed and rebuilt several times. The descendants of the Fan family inherited his kindness and continued his kindness for hundreds of years.


  Fan Zhongyan planted a kind seed in his family, and his descendants continued to fertilize and irrigate it until it became a big tree in the sky. This tree sheltered his descendants, and it flourished for eight hundred years from the Song Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.


  Kindness is the best family style.


  Kindness is the nobleness and persistence of the heart. To be a good person, there is a good world in the heart.


  A child who grew up in a generous and kind family has more affinity in temperament. They have better popularity and wider contacts;


  The ancients said: People are good, although the blessing has not arrived, the disaster is far away. For children, kindness is the best amulet.

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  Home style, like a lighthouse, guides us in the right direction; Home style, like a ray of sunshine, brings us warmth; Family style, like a mirror, corrects our mistakes. State owned laws, family style, and our family style is to know how to share, filial piety.


  Speaking of it, the origin of our family style is still because of me. As my younger brother was born and grew up, we began to grab food from each other frequently. As long as there was only one thing we liked, whether it was food or play, we would both grab and even fight. Mom said: You should know how to share, eat together, play with toys, and you will get more fun and double happiness. From then on, my brother and I began to share our own things. For example, he had chocolate flavored bread, and I had strawberry flavored bread. We would exchange half of them for each other to eat. Indeed, we got a double share of taste and happiness, and knowing how to share became one of our family customs.


  Filial piety comes first. I often see filial piety in my parents. Dad was not very good tempered, but he didn't speak loudly in front of his grandparents. Mom is more like her own parents to her grandparents. Last year, my grandpa was ill and hospitalized. My mother took good care of him all day long in the hospital. My father went to work during the day and would come to the hospital to take care of my grandpa at night. My grandpa's health soon recovered. I always look at them and keep them in mind, so I often say to my mother: I will be filial to you and my father in the future.


  Know how to share and cultivate my good habits; Filial piety accompanies my growth.

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  If home is a candle, then home style is like the wick of the candle; If home is a small road, then home wind is the street lamp that illuminates our progress; If home is a ship, then home wind must be its sail.


  My family wind is like the stars in the night sky shining forever. In my heart, Grandma is like the brightest star in the sky, the Big Dipper. She often teaches me to be diligent and thrifty. At home, I can always see Grandma pouring laundry water into the bucket. At first, I didn't understand Grandma's intention. Later, I learned that Grandma wanted to wash clothes with laundry water. Once, when I ate, there were many rice grains left in my bowl. When I was playing, I saw Grandma's angry eyes and remembered what Grandma had said to me. When I was weeding, my sweat dripped into the soil. I ate all the rice in the bowl immediately. Since then, I have never had a meal left.


  My mother loves reading, so do I. She often teaches me to read more and good books. Mother seems to have read more books than we have used. The overflowing books always make people have an unspeakable poetic flavor. Mother cherishes books very much, and almost every book has a colorful dress.


  Family customs can help us form good habits, so that we can always win glory for our families. Those who discredit their families should be allowed to turn over a new leaf. We should learn from the elders, know how to be grateful, cherish the present, and be a person who has made contributions to the motherland; Start from small things, study hard, and be a pioneer in a new era.

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  I still remember a little thing when I was in primary school. When I came home from school that day, I went home with some good friends. When I came to a family in the village, we saw a dozen cherries falling from his cherry tree, and we were happy to pick them up. They all ate them on the spot, saying they were a little sour, but they could eat. I was reluctant to finish eating, so I left some to take home for my parents to taste. When my father came back from work, he looked tired. He saw some cherries on the table and immediately questioned where he had taken them. I was frightened and said with trepidation that he had picked them up under someone else's tree. My father immediately became angry: How can you take anything from someone else's house? Too unpromising! Then he took me to the family with the cherries. After explaining the situation, the family was not angry. They also picked some fresh cherries from the tree for me. I had to look at the red cherries eagerly and swallow water when my father said nothing.


  On the way back, my father said: Remember: never reach for anything that is not your own at any time. This sentence has always affected my current life. I will not accept any gift from any parent or student, whether it is a gift of several hundred yuan or a peace fruit of two yuan. I have been teaching incorruptedly for 20 years because of my good family style.


  We should establish and abide by good family customs and family precepts and pass them on. It is happy to grow up in a good family style. May we and our children grow up happily.

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  State owned national laws, family rules, family generations, the virtue passed down from generation to generation is family style.


  My great grandfather, with the outbreak of the Lugouqiao Incident on July 7, 1937, led the Chinese army into the war and never came back. His bones were blown up by the Japanese invaders. His strong and fearless spirit has influenced generations of my descendants.


  Grandpa wore a landlord's hat, and he could not eat enough and wear warm clothes for decades. He never forgot to study until Grandpa Deng proposed reform and opening up, and became an entrepreneur through his efforts and diligence. He made a lot of money, but he was still very thrifty. Once he came back from the railway station at 12 o'clock in the night and paid 30 yuan for taking a taxi. He asked how many cars he took. He thought it was too expensive to take a taxi. Finally, he walked for nearly an hour to get home. He usually buys a daily necessities, always shopping around, looking for distance. Sometimes, in order to buy a cheap cabbage, I can run for 1km. My grandpa said that he was old and had nothing to do. He walked more to exercise. Fear of hardship, love of learning, frugality and hard work are the virtues inherited from our grandpa generation.


  My father often taught my sister and I to learn to be methodical, self-discipline, innovative and adapt to the society in the tide of innovation and reform. I changed my car into a new energy car and registered it on a sharing platform. When my company was free, it would be convenient and serve people in need, and I could earn more than 200 yuan of pocket money every day.


  This is my family style, tough, not afraid of sacrifice, thrifty, always learning, self-discipline, and innovative spirit.

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  I wonder what my family style is? I went to ask my mother, and she said, "Everyone's home has its own style. Family style is family rules, and it is the style of the family." It affects me, telling me how to be a man and how to do things


  My mother and father are very filial to the elderly. She influenced me and made me understand how to respect and be filial to the elderly.


  When I was 7 years old, my grandmother was ill and hospitalized. When my parents heard the news, they drove to the hospital at lightning speed. Mom and Dad hurriedly carried the fruit to Grandma's ward, pushed the door open, and anxiously asked, "Mom, are you all right?" My grandmother said, "Nothing serious, just a little headache." Dad was relieved and said, "That's good." My mother said, "Mom, I've brought you your favorite fruit. I'm going to wash it for you now." Grandma said, "I'm a little thirsty." My father ran quickly to my grandma and gave her a cup of hot water. Dad is now free to sit in a chair and rest. The next time, Dad accompanied Grandma to chat in the ward. It was getting dark, and Mom and I said goodbye to Grandma and went home.


  "Filial piety comes first" is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation. Mom and Dad care about Grandma, which is respect and filial piety to the elderly, which exerts a subtle influence on me.

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  Tomb Sweeping Day is a festival to commemorate the martyrs' return to their hometown to worship their ancestors. On the first day of the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday, Dad took us home.


  Along the way, the spring scenery was picturesque. The fields beside the highway were full of flowers, white, pink, purple, yellow... A picture came into my eyes, and the distance was a boundless green wheat field. Back home, Grandpa has prepared paper money, firecrackers, fruits and other tributes, waiting for me and Dad to go to worship ancestors together. We arrived at the cemetery and offered tribute. Grandpa lit paper money and Dad lit firecrackers. Then we knelt down in front of the grave and prayed to our ancestors that our descendants were very well. Today, we are reunited again, and every family member is safe and healthy


  During lunch, my elders asked about my study. I told them that I did well in the monthly exam, especially in Chinese. I also found a way to learn and experienced the fun of learning. Everyone was happy for me, and Mom and Dad also smiled.


  The family happily told the story of the past and asked about their current situation... What a warm family! I immediately understood what family style is.


  Family style is the inheritance of family responsibilities and hopes, which provides great strength for the growth of each family member.

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