感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇1

  Last week our music teacher taught us a song, named Indebted Heart. Through it I know that we should live with a thankful heart. At that time, I think of my parents. I think they are the first people I should thank. It’s them who give me life. It’s them who give me home. It’s them who bring me up. It’s them who look after me. It’s them who teach me knowledge and live happily. I should thank my parents giving me so much. Maybe I should think how to pay back the love my parents give me. But now I think the best way to be appreciated of my parents is to study well and then being a useful person to the society when I grow up.


  感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇2

  I consider my parents as the most important people in my life. This is not because they’re wealthy or famous. Rather, what I value about most is the care and love they show to me.

  My parents might work hard, but they’re always there for me. Whenever I get into trouble and desperately need a hand, they come over first to support me and encourage me. I grew up with their constant care and love. While they’re getting older with grey hair and wrinkles, they never lose dignity in both life and jobs.

  From my parents, I have learned that one person can really make a difference. I’ll never forget their care and love. Gratefulness brings a great fullness to life. I wish they could always be happy and healthy. It is high time we expressed our gratitude to people we cherish!




  感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇3

  Are parents, gave me precious life; Are parents, let me come to this beautiful planet; Is the parents, with love in my hold up over a rain umbrella...

  At home, good, have left us; In the middle of the night, we all go to bed, there are two familiar figure in the busy, father for our future thinking, mother is knitting a sweater for us. Mother knitted sweaters warm my body not only, more the warmth of my heart.

  I want to thank my parents, I want to sincerely say to parents: "you hard."

  What kind of parents to return? With what to show filial obedience parents? There is only one answer: with excellent grades in return for them, can't let parents work in vain.

  Thank you very much, my respected parents!






  感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇4

  Thanksgiving parents, filial piety parents is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. The ancients cloud: "who play inch grass heart, reported to the three inches across?" Parents give us life, gave us a good living environment...

  They disregard the heat in the summer, summer gave us excellent condition, air conditioning, computer, mobile phone... We are watching TV, playing computer, but they in the sun, and hard to feed their families. Back their black, thin, more wrinkles, head of white hair more.

  Autumn, collect food, after collect covered in ash, dirty. Rain to take us to learn, even if he had been rain, let's get wet in the rain. Beads of rain drops fall on your hair, drops to the face, in my heart.

  It's snowing in the winter. We are in play in the snow, they worry that we fell down? Does it hurt? The frostbite? You need to wipe medicine? To take us to learn, large tracts of snow fall in the body, but looking at us happy smile...

  Parents are so take care of us, we don't know returns, ungrateful. "Who made the heart-inch grass, at a three inch across?" At that time I didn't understand the meaning of this sentence.






  感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇5

  When I was a child,you tought me how to speak,how to learn,and most important you tought me how to be a human heing .now I can't find any proper word to appreciate your bringing me up.your love is always so strong,so powerful .When I do something right or wrong,your voice is arround me.

  You tought me how to respect others and how to hononr myself .Dad,you have told me everyone on the earth is equal.love everything you come upon at heart.

  I think when I have my own child,I will follow your way to teach it .Make it a good character.Don't worry me so much though I know I'm only a child in your eyes .but I'm grown-up.

  Finaly,let me say love you again.





  感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇6




  Today is Thanksgiving Day,thinking of mom's daily hard work,I decided to help my mother to tow the land.

  I happily picked up the mop,humming a ditty,left drag drag right drag drag,drag in,even just drag the place is dirty with your feet,mother see me so son,to longly say: "son! Why do you sweep the world without a house?" After listening to my mother's words,I bowed my head in shame and determined that I could do it well! I followed my mother's request over and over again,checking every place,and not letting go of any dead corners. After the dry,I see,wow! The ground was spotless and saw the fruits of their labor. The hard work had been pletely forgotten.

  My mother said meaningfully,"no pain,no gain. Believe you will do better in the future!"

  感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇7





  Mother! Mother! My dear mother! You in this world is how great,how selfless,in this decade,you to make me happy in this beautiful world of peace and enjoy life,don't know how much hard work and sweat. You are like a beautiful angel,in my life,for me to add to my glory,to my charm.

  Mother! Oh! My dear mother! Before I e to this world,you don't know how much time you have to suffer in the hospital room,and I was born in your belly. I have heard you say that I am an underbelly,and I can imagine that I must be as naughty as a boy in your stomach,which has given you a lot of pain.

  Mother,you are like a blue sky,I am that bird flying freely in the sky,soaring in your broad arms. It is you who gave me so many tenderness that I am happy and healthy.

  Mother! I want to say to you: "I love you! Thank you for making me happy and healthy and make me learn to be a human being.

  感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇8

  There is no doubt that parents are the greatest persons in the world,no matter what mistakes we make,they will forgive us and never abandon us. We all know that it is natural to return our parents,so we work hard for the purpose of giving them more money and live the better life. Actually,the things that they want are not like these.


  The first thing they want is your time. As young people graduate and begin to work,they move far away from home and barely have time to visit their parents. Some even go back home once a year. The time stay with parents is the most precious thing in their eyes. The second thing is your attention. When they get sick,they want to hear from their children,which worths everything. Or a call now and then and talk to them console them.


  Money is believed to be the best way to return our parents in most people’s eyes. But what parents want is their time and attention. As the popular song calls on people to visit parents often,it costs all to go back home and have dinner with parents.


  Be Grateful to Our Parents

  Since we were born,many people help us a lot. We should be grateful to their kindness. But the ones we should show our greatest appreciation are our parents. From the first day we appear in their lives,they give us all their love and care,but never expect anything in return. As long as they are there,we do not feel any difficulties,because they are always in front of our shelter,preventing us from difficulties and danger. In order to make our lives better,learn better,they do everything they can to create the best conditions for us,but ignore their own needs. Therefore,we need to cherish parents’ love and repay their upbringing. We should treat them as they treat us.

  感谢父母的英语作文带翻译 篇9







  My life is a blank paper,is my parents brought me into this world,so the paper began with the color of life,enthusiastic red,pure white,bright yellow,leisurely and fortable green,occasionally also can appear just light.

  When I fail,my parents always cheer me up. My parents always fort me when I'm sad. When I succeed,my parents will laugh with me. When I make a mistake,my parents will always be patient with education me,enlighten me.

  It's cold,my parents always tell me to wear more clothes; Far away,my parents often told me to pay attention to my body. There is some nagging,but it contains deep love.

  We all say that maternal love is great,the mother love is great,not only is her selflessness and selflessness,a cup of water,a clothing,all have parents to our care.

  We often think that when we grow up,we will be able to repay our parents. But we have thought,time is not rao,wait for us to have the interest,but then parents may be no longer.

  The greatest sorrow in the world is this. Parents don't need a good material life,they need our care. From now on,share points for your parents!